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  • display the name list (symbol table) of a binary (object file or fully linked program)
  • Each symbol name is preceded by its value (blanks if undefined).
  • Unless the -m option is specified, this value is followed by one of the following characters, representing the symbol type:
    • U - undefined
    • A - absolute
    • T - text section symbol
    • D - data section symbol
    • B - bss section symbol
    • C - common symbol
    • S - symbol in a section other than those above
    • I - indirect symbol
  • If the symbol is local (non-external), the symbol's type is instead represented by the corresponding lowercase letter.
  • A lower case u in a dynamic shared library indicates a undefined reference to a private external in another module in the same library.


  • program used to demangle (translate) symbols contained in a c++ application