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Google AdWords Dashboard

  1. Campaign Management
    • Account Snapshot
    • Campaign Summary
    • Tools: Optimize Your Ads
      1. Campaign Optimizer - "Looking for ways to boost the performance of your ads? The Campaign Optimizer automatically creates a customized proposal for your campaign."
      2. Keyword Tool - "Build a master list of new keywords for your ad groups and review detailed keyword performance statistics like advertiser competition and search volume."
      3. Search-based Keyword Tool - "Get new keyword ideas based on actual Google search queries and matched to specific pages of your website. "
      4. Edit Campaign Negative Keywords - "Now you can manage your negative keywords--which help you reduce wasted clicks--at the campaign level. "
      5. Site and Category Exclusion - "Refine your Google Network targeting by preventing individual websites or categories of webpages from showing your ads."
      6. IP Exclusion - "Refine your targeting by preventing specific Internet Protocol (IP) addresses from seeing your ads."
      7. Traffic Estimator - "Thinking about trying a new keyword? Enter it here and see an estimate of how well it might perform."
      8. Ad Creation Marketplace - "Find a specialist to help you create multi-media ads."
      9. Insights for Search - "Compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, and timeframes by entering keywords into this tool."
    • Tools: Analyze Your Ad Performance
      1. Ads Diagnostic Tool - "Are your ads showing for a particular search? Find out here."
      2. Ads Preview Tool - "See your ad on Google without accruing extra impressions, and preview your ad as it appears to users in other geographic locations. "
      3. Disapproved Ads - "Find out which ads have been disapproved and why."
      4. Conversion Tracking - "It's time to make your campaign more efficient and improve your ROI. Learn which ads are the best at helping you reach your goals."
      5. My Change History - "Browse changes you've made to your account since January 1, 2006. "
    • Tools: Optimize Your Website
      1. Website Optimizer - "Experiment with different versions of a page on your website to discover the best content for boosting your business."
    • Tools: Manage Your Account Offline
      1. Download AdWords Editor - "Our campaign management application enables you to make changes offline, then upload your revised campaigns."
  2. Reports
  3. Analytics
  4. My Account