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  • has <div id="app" and script includes main.js


  • contains instantiation of Vue instance
import Vue from 'vue';
import App from './App.vue';
import store from './store';

new Vue( {
    render: h => h(App)
}).$mount( '#app' );


  • top level component into which we compose other components
  • App-level arg array contains: const app = new Vue({
    • el: "#app" - el stands for element, maps back to the div in index.html
    • data
    • computed - contains methods. One-off computations in our dataset. Get access to the data using $this
    • filters - also contains methods that take arguments. Pass arguments to filter method inside the mustache using the pipe separator
    • methods - can take an argument
    • lifecycle methods
      • beforeCreate
      • mounted() fires when your app attaches to the DOM, a good time to fetch some data
      • beforeDestroy()


  • Entrypoint into Vue Router


  • Entrypoint into Vuex


  • directive inside HTML tags start with v-
  • v-bind:____="someDataStoreObj - bind keeps something up-to-date with some data store property
  • v-if="varName"
  • v-for:"i in datastoreobj"
  • v-on:click="someMethod" - binds a function to button
  • <input v-model="message"> - direct two-way binding between input and app state


  • How you create a new HTML tag, you must register them
  • Template can only return one top level element, if you need to return two, wrap within a div.
  • Computed property - double mustache inside the component template
  • Component scaffold has template, script, and style
  • export default {
    • props: ['id, 'age', 'weight] }
    • name = "component_name"
    • components: [ subcomponent1, subcomponent2 ]
  • <style scoped>

Vue Instance


  • Single state tree - single source of truth
  • State
  • Getters
  • Actions - called from components to commit a mutation
  • Mutations
  • Modules


import Vuex from 'vuex';
import ModuleName from './modules/ModulName'

// Load Vuex
Vue.use( Vuex );

// Create store
export default new {
    modules: {

Vue Router

  • Single Page App (SPA)
  • In main.js, import the router directory, and add router to the list of properties inside new Vue declaration
  • In App.vue, add <router-view/> tag.
    • router link is an a tag: <router-link to="pathfromindexjs">Page Name</router-link>
  • In router/index.js
    • After imports, add Vue.use(Router)
    • export default new Router( { routes: [ {path: '/', name: 'Hello', component: HelloWorld} ]
    • Map a route to a propertyexport default new Router( { routes: [ {path: '/:prop1/:prop2/:prop3', name: 'Hello', component: HelloWorld, props: true} ]


  1. npm install -g @vue/cli
  2. vue --version
  3. vue ui
  4. Create new project, include vuex and vue router components
  5. Run Project task 1: serve
  6. Run Project task 2 (build):

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