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Open Microscopy Environment

Omero Platform

  • OME Remote Objects (OMERO) is a modern client-server software platform for visualising, managing, and annotating biological image data. OMERO is a Java Enterprise application that provides integration, visualisation, management, and analysis of biological image data. The OMERO clients allow the scientist to remotely manage, view, annotate and measure multi-dimensional images from anywhere.


  • Bio-Formats, the solution for reading and writing microscopy file formats. Bio-Formats is a standalone library for reading and writing microscopy file formats. It can be used from standard applications like ImageJ and MATLAB, or from you own code. Bio-Formats takes the hard work out of supporting multiple image file formats.


  • An open-source biological visualization tool. VisBio provides 3D rendered views of multi-dimensional images that can be manipulated in 3D in real-time. It uploads and reads images to an original OME Server. We plan to have OMERO support in the next release.