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  • brew help
  • brew commands
  • brew install formula
  • brew upgrade formula
  • brew list --versions - lists installed only
  • brew info formula
  • brew reinstall
  • brew install --cask messenger --appdir=~/Applications/
  • brew bundle dump - creates a ./Brewfile that just lists all the packages you asked to have installed without dependencies


  • pip install --force-reinstall --upgrade
  • pip show -f <package> - show info on what got installed where, -f gives list of files
  • pip install jedi==0.17.2 - when downgrading a version use double == (compared with conda's single =)


  • Managing conda environments
  • conda update -n base -c defaults conda
  • conda info
  • conda config --show
    • conda config --add channels conda-forge
    • conda config --set channel_priority strict
  • conda init zsh
  • command -v conda - alternative to which conda for zsh
  • conda list and pip list - list installed packages
  • conda env list
  • conda activate rstanenv
  • conda install -c conda-forge r-mcmcglmm r-brms
  • conda update conda
  • conda create --name CondaR -c r -c conda-forge r-lme4 r-tidyverse r-broom.mixed r-skimr r-tictoc r-rlang r-magrittr r-glue r-performance r-ggally r-irkernel r-furrr r-mice r-glmnet jupyterlab r-plotly r-rbokeh r-glmmtmb
  • conda create --name CondaR2 -c r -c conda-forge r-lme4 r-dplyr r-tidyselect r-readr r-arrow r-lubridate r-broom.mixed r-skimr r-tictoc r-rlang r-magrittr r-glue r-performance r-ggally r-irkernel
  • conda env remove -n rstanenv
  • conda create --name py310 python=3.10 jupyterlab pandas=1.5.3 ruff pylint numpy scipy matplotlib scikit-learn scikit-image seaborn statsmodels pyarrow openpyxl
  • conda search mxnet
  • conda install -y boost
  • conda install -c conda-forge <package name>
  • conda update -n base -c defaults conda - Update base conda
  • conda remove --name ENV_NAME --all


  • Run as administrator to install stuff
  • Chocolatey - windows package manager - does hash
  • choco -?
  • choco list -l - list locally installed packages only
  • choco upgrade chocolatey
  • choco uninstall


  • DNF = "dandified yum"
  • "DNF is the next upcoming major version of YUM, a package manager for RPM-based Linux distributions. It roughly maintains CLI compatibility with YUM and defines a strict API for extensions and plugins."


  1. yum -y install ____
  2. yum -y remove ____
  3. yum update mysql
  4. yum list openssh search for a specific package name, jackpot
  5. yum search ______ search for a specific package name, partial string matches included
  6. yum info firefox - get info on package before installing it
  7. yum list installed | less
  8. yum provides /path/to/package/filename -
  9. yum check-update- find how many installed packages on your system have updates available
  10. yum update - install all the latest patches and security updates
  11. yum grouplist - lists both installed and available
  12. yum groupinstall 'MySQL Database'
  13. yum groupupdate 'DNS Name Server'
  14. yum groupremove 'DNS Name Server'
  15. yum repolist
  16. yum repolist all - display all enabled and disables repos
  17. yum --enablerepo=<REPONAME> install _____
  18. yum clean all - Clean Yum Cache
  19. yum history


  • ALWAYS FIRST: apt update
  • apt install -y pkg1 pkg2
  • apt list --installed - makes no distinction between requested packages and dependencies
  • apt locate
  • sudo apt-get remove <package name> - to remove a package
  • Antiquated way to see installed packages: sudo apt-get install aptitude; aptitude search '~i!~M'


  • npm ls packageName

apk - Alpine Package Keeper

  • apk add --no-cache git