Rubik's Cube Solution

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  1. Right Trigger - R U R'
  2. Left Trigger - L' U' L
  3. Yellow cross - F U R U' R' F'
  4. Yellow face - R U R' U R U2 R'
  5. Yellow corners - L' U R U' L U R', then alg 4
  6. Yellow edges
    1. Clockwise - F2 U R' L F2 L' R U F2
    2. Counterclockwise - F2 U' R' L F2 L' R U' F2


  1. Daisy
  2. White Cross - match non-white sticker from edge piece and rotate down
  3. Solve Bottom Layer
    1. Search for white stickers on top layer corners that are facing out
    2. Identify color X on side sticker, ignoring top
    3. Rotate top layer so this sticker diagonally matches center color X
    4. With center color X facing you, perform left or right trigger depending on whether matching top corner was left or right, respectively
    5. If white sticker is on bottom layer facing out towards you, put it on the top by performing left or right trigger if it is on left or right side respectively
    6. If white sticker is on top
      1. rotate top layer so white sticker is opposite a non-white sticker on the bottom
      2. Double right/left trigger to put white sticker on top on top layer facing out
      3. Repeat normal top layer procedure
  4. Solve second layer
    1. Search top layer for edge pieces with no yellow stickers
    2. Match that edge piece with center layer on the side to form upside down T
    3. Look at sticker on top and see whether it matches left center or right center
    4. If right, U then right trigger. If left, U' then left trigger. Replace corner white sticker after
    5. If all top layer edge pieces have a yellow sticker and middle layer is not solved perform right/ left trigger to get it to the top, then put the white corner sticker back using above algorithm
  5. Yellow cross
    1. If no yellow edge pieces on top - FURU'R'F'
    2. If 2 yellow edge stickers in straight line, orient line so straight up and down, then FURU'R'F'
    3. If 2 yellow stickers in an L shape, rotate top to put them on back left, then FURU'R'F'
  6. Solve yellow face
    1. Rotate top so outward facing yellow sticker corner piece is bottom left when looking down at yellow face and RUR'URU2R'
    2. if only only corner piece has yellow sticker facing up, rotate top so fish head points down and to left and RUR'URU2R'
  7. Position yellow corners
    1. If one of faces has matching corners, face that side out to left
    2. L' U R U' L U R' then R U R' U R U2 R'
    3. Make sure all corner pieces match
  8. Position yellow edges
    1. If one of the sides is solved face away from you
    2. If none are solved, do counterclockwise alg twice: F2 U' R' L F2 L' R U' F2
    3. Otherwise rotate yellow edges clockwise or Counterclockwise using Alg 6a and 6b respectively.
      1. Clockwise = F2 U R' L F2 L' R U F2