Electronics Project Ideas

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Electric guitar Tone Chasing

  • Figure out how to make tone knobs actually work
    • Map out wiring/circuit diagram
      • Measure RLC characheristics of pickups
    • bode plot of circuit
  • Fourier analysis of guitar string output

Sailing Instrument/Data Collection

  • Reimplement spedometer/heading instrument
  • Work out boat characteristic, finding relationship between windspeed and heading and boatspeed
  • Characterize the field of play, analyzing race cpurse for consistent headers/lifts within the harbor


  • Bouncing Sandro head on TFT display using CircuitPython displayio module

Christmas LED lights Display


  • 10 White LEDs: 3.75V, 0.21A, 0.795 W
  • PWM fade in out tree decoration

Laser projector

  • Similar to regular projector would have to correct for distortion due to shining up from the ground
    • Vertical and horizontal keystone correction