Names I Hate

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I am a Luddite when it comes to new-fangled names. I like the old tried and true classic names that confer dignity and gravity. The following names confer the opposite: uneducated, uncultured, trashy names:

  • Anyname that starts with Mc
    • McKenzie
    • Mekenna
  • Any variant of "Kayla"
    • Mikayla - corruption of Michaela
  • Any variant ending in -ana
    • Tatiana
    • Briana
  • LaTanya
  • redneck names:
    • Colby, Kolby
  • common names like: Mike, John, Steve... couldn't you come up with anything slightly more original?
  • common names like Lauren, Ashley, Katie, Kelly, Krystle
  • any female name that starts with a K